Translucent times

Bezalel University, Glass and Ceramics Dept. 

Jerusalem, Israel

The Glass and Ceramics Department of the Bezalel University in Jerusalem (IL)  invited The Large Glass Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (NL) and the Tokyo University of the Arts (JPN) to join them for a 10-day workshop in March 2019, elaborating on the theme of “Translucent Times”.

At the core of the project, artists and art students from different countries come together to explore the traditional means of production of glass (as found in excavations of roman glass factories), juxtaposed to the contemporary context of art in the public domain and activist production. Historically, the oldest archaeological artefacts from glass were found in Israel (Province Judea & Province Syria, which is now Israel, were the main glass production zones in the Roman empire). Glass making is one of these rare practices where one can find linearity that overpasses time and space in its methods, process and techniques. Through research and hands-on making, we have explored the means of production in contemporary art, highlighting on material-performance in public space.

The Bezalel University, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, and the Tokyo University of the arts foster the leading educational approaches to glass art in an international context. As such, the workshop has brought together different cultures in time and space and has evoked a thinking, which goes beyond the prevalent attitudes of artistic collaboration and the sheer (re-)making of things.

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