the large crack


Barborská 51/51, 284 01 Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

Hours : Monday to Sunday,  10:00 – 18:00

Opening : 21st Sept, 18:00

The Large Glass Department, the glass department of the Tomas Bata University and GASK, gallery for contemporary visual arts in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic, are celebrating young international glass art. In addition to its own collection of mainly Central Bohemian art, GASK regularly presents theme or solo exhibitions, sometimes including international collaborations.

This year, 10 Dutch artists and students from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy have been invited to compile an exhibition together with students and artists from the Tomas Bata University in Zlin, CZ. They will show work that they have produced in the last 12 months or will realize at GASK.

The exhibition mainly emphasizes on the conceptual value of glass as a material for sculpture and installation.

The collaboration was initiated by artist Petr Stanicky, Professor at Tomas Bata University and GASK curator Veronika Marešová. An important goal of the collaboration is to bring young artists from the Netherlands and the Czech Republic together exchange, collaborate and find out more about the other’s cultural background.



Johan Adam

Atousa Bandeh

Kateřina Bušová

Linda da Costa

Zdeňka Fusková

Yuna Choi

Samantha Chua

Renato Japi

Nikola Kovalíková

Michaela Kramulová

Tomáš Krejčí

Kristina Maňáková

Aleksi Marjamaa

Emilia Omilianowicz

Jens Pfeifer

Maria Sixtová

Michaela Spružinová

Petr Stanický

Erno Takala

Henna Vihantavaara

Robert Vlasák

Eva van der Zand

Curated by

Veronika Marešová, Jens Pfeifer and Petr Stanický

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